Your teeth are unique – just like Zenostar


Nowadays, health services and insurers generally opt for restorations made from nonprecious metals. These take the form of all-cast crowns or partially veneered crowns, as well as fully or partially veneered bridges. All-cast crowns can be very stable and resistant to corrosion and are very durable. Until now, however, the stability of work made from non-precious metals has been achieved at the cost of aesthetics. Now, technological progress makes it possible to produce crowns and bridges from a white, aesthetically pleasing biocompatible material with a translucence comparable to that of natural dentition.

Zenostar is one of the perspectives which we, together with your partner lab, offer you. The new monolithic dental restoration is ideal for crowns and bridges, offering high strength and a natural appearance - all at an extremely economical price. Zenostar stands for the best in customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Zenostar

  • Natural appearance through individual shading to match the color of your own teeth
  • Very strong material means a long-lasting restoration (1600 Mpa Strength)
  • All-ceramic restoration offers excellent biocompatibility
  • No discoloration of the gums
  • High translucence
  • The latest CAD/CAM processing technology gives the best possible fit
  • Very cost-effective