Zenostar Zr T (Translucent) - Strong, Translucent and Esthetic

In Zenostar Zr Translucent Wieland Dental has developed and launched an innovative zirconia material which can be used both to make cost-effective and highly attractive monolithic crown and bridge restorations and esthetic frameworks for individual ceramic veneering. Zenostar Zr Translucent blanks combine the positive physical properties of the "White" zirconia, Zenotec Zr Bridge, with the positive optical and esthetic properties of the familiar translucent zirconia, Zenotec Zr Bridge Translucent.


  • Outstanding strength of >1200 MPa
  • Biocompatible and durable
  • Suitable for cases where occlusal space is limited
  • Pre-shaded zirconia for staining and glazing
  • Can be used with conventional cements
  • Full Contour Zirconia Restorations Possible

Zenostar Zr MO (Medium Opacity)

This high-quality zirconia material can be used for all types of indications from copings to bridges. The material differs from conventional zirconia in that it is fully homogenous. This is achieved by means of a special manufacturing process that results in an excellent fit, even with large cases.


  • High-strength framework material
  • Offers the pleasing esthetics of all-ceramic restorations
  • Excellent fit
  • Biocompatible
  • Homogeneous, very fine grain structure